Cheap Women’s Sunglasses, On The Other Hand, Are Usually Made Of Plastic Frames And Lenses

Cheap women’s sunglasses, on the other hand, are usually made of plastic frames and lenses. The plastic bezels aren’t very strong, while the stainless steel bezels are heavy and sit awkwardly on the face, leaving a mark on the bridge of the nose and a cut at the top of the ear.

Lenses in other wilder colors, such as red and yellow, are also not a good choice for driving with sunglasses as they significantly alter your color perception. The best color lenses for driving are gray and brown.

If you have an empty lens cleaner bottle, put Windex in it. This often works much better than the things they give you in the store. Make sure your tissue is Sunglasses Outlet always clean as any residue can leave a film on the lenses.

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