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The path to victory runs through the black community, Espy said. “We have to get a very large African American turnout on November 6th. If we don’t get it, I’m going to lose. If we get it, I can win. But I can’t win alone with black votes. It’s not possible.”(Jajo Ray Ban)

The idea of cramming two architectures into one chip has been done before: IBM PowerPC 615 project. Its goal was to bridge the x86 and PowerPC markets together roughly 20 years ago. It never made it to market as the software side was too ugly. There was a bit of office politics involved (MS didn want to support a hybrid then) but numerous bugs in BIOS and drivers. It was far from stable. The market has matured significantly in 20 years but the technical pieces that made the PowerPC 615 a challenge haven changed.(Rb4057 Ray Ban Sunglasses)

AT is aiming to launch its 5G mobile network this year in 12 cities, including Atlanta and Charlotte, North Carolina. Dish also has plans for a 5G network, but it focused on connecting the so called of Things, everything from laundry machines to parking meters, rather than cellphones or residential broadband.(Ray Ban Cracked Lens Warranty)

Friday’s agreement to give the FBI a week to supplement its background check by looking into existing misconduct allegations against Kavanaugh guarantees the nightmare will continue, especially for him and his battered family. You don’t have to be a cynic to assume the rabid left will come up with more outlandish accusations in an effort to make up in quantity what it lacks in quality.(Ray Ban 3025 112)

The Guardian reports that police officers in London are posing as takeaway delivery drivers as part of an operation to catch moped ding criminals. The tactic, according to the paper, is part of a range of measures to combat thefts and violent crime of which delivery drivers have frequently been the target. But, says the paper, the officers are there in a purely operational role and are not delivering food.(Ray Ban Hexagonal Sunglasses Blue)

But it is a bad strategy for you as a voter. Indeed, ranked choice voting only works to your benefit if you do give secondary choices. That’s because if you vote for one candidate and that person doesn’t survive the first round counting, your vote no longer counts. And it seems likely that second choices will matter in both Minneapolis and St. Paul this year.(Ray Ban Replacement Lenses Rb 3492)