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Some eye drops cause dilated pupils. They are typically used by ophthalmologists to help them see the inside of the eye during an eye examination or surgery. Certain eye diseases are also treated with dilating eye drops. Two types of eye drops produce mydriasis: sympathomimetic drops and parasympatholytic drops. Sympathomimetic eye drops, such as phenylephrine, directly activate the sympathetic nervous system within the eye to induce pupil dilation. In contrast, parasympatholytic eye drops block the activity of the parasympathetic nervous system. As this system causes the pupils to become smaller, eye drops that block its activity leave the dilating effects of the sympathetic system unopposed, producing mydriasis. Common parasympatholytic eye drops, also called anticholinergic eye drops, include atropine, homatropine, cyclopentolate (AK Pentolate, Cyclogyl) and tropicamide (Mydriacyl).(Ray Ban Non Slip Nose Pads)

I think that from the very beginning of the season, we knew we were going to have to work really hard and that since the beginning, we’ve come together and I don’t think I’ve ever been closer with the girls, and I’m a senior, second baseman Olivia Kloster said after the Eagles completed a two game, split doubleheader sweep of Poudre and the Norse on the BHS varsity diamond. “There’s something special that’s going on this year with us as a group.””We’ve been really excited every day since we heard (interim head coach Kale Gilmore) was going to come and help us out, and we’ve been enjoying practice and just loving the game,” sophomore Hadlee Reichert said. “It’s just super fun right now.”(Ray Ban 3545 Review)