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The games were broadcast on ABC and a new network known as ESPN, and they regularly nabbed better television ratings than Major League Baseball. People tuned in for name brand players, the wildly choreographed celebrations, and new gimmicks such as instant replay and the two point conversion. During one halftime, boxing legend George Foreman officiated during a wedding at the 50 yard line.(Ray Ban 4147 60mm)

I write about health issues every day butI honestly thought that concussionshappened only to football, soccer and hockey players. Since kickball is the only sport I play competitively and there an obvious limit to how cut throat an adult kickball game can be I never considered that a serious head injury would happen to me.(Ray Ban Tech Rb8301 Sunglasses)

Stage II. Cancer has spread into deeper layers of the stomach and maybe into nearby lymph nodes. Surgery to remove part or all of your stomach, as well as nearby lymph nodes, is still the main treatment. You’re very likely to get chemo or chemoradiation beforehand, and you might get one of them after, too.(Ray Ban 3524 Review)

The Swirlster Picks team writes about stuff we think you’ll like. A fun way to add multiple colours to a single outfit, ombre shirts are also a piece of item that allows a lot of versatility. Not only in multiple colours, the style also comes with different prints and designs. The recent sighting of an ombre shirt was when Ananya Pandey wore it last evening. Wearing a checkered printed shirt with an ombre mix of red, blue and yellow, Ananya was a lesson in how to keep it casual and stylish. She paired the shirt with shorts and white shoes. Quite a lot of casual evening wear style goals there.(Ray Ban 003 3f)

Even professionals sometimes make mistakes. It is no easier or harder to observe necessary safety measures for using a MOT device as it is to use an SSY 1 device. MOTs can be lethal if not handled properly. Any laser device can pose a hazard to bystanders. Recently, one story in the news was that a guy with a laser pointer forced a helicopter to land! This is not the sort of activity I suggest fostering. (Ray Ban 5286 F)

The companies working on maps for autonomous vehicles are taking two different approaches. One aims to create complete high definition maps that will let the autonomous cars of the future navigate all on their own; another creates maps piece by piece, using sensors in today’s vehicles that will allow cars to gradually automate more and more parts of driving.(Ray Ban Rb 3190 Flight Sunglasses)