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People are like, “Your girls always look so sweet,” and I’m like, “Yeah, because I’m not gonna post their horrible moments for you to see!” That’s not fair to them. And there’s some private stuff that I don’t talk toointensely about. There’s stuff with Marc and our relationship that I don’t think is appropriate for me to put out publicly because of my children. I’ve been vocal that marriage is not easy. It’s complicated. We had a really hard summer [last year], with him directing [I Feel Pretty] and the specifics of what that is and what that means, I don’t think is super important, publicly, to get into. Everyone is working and struggling to make it work, you know? But I think being honest about how difficult marriage is, and succeeding in long term relationships is I think that’s a great conversation to be had.(Ray Ban 8903 5244)

Tessa set the book she had been reading down on the bedside table, and turned to see Miranda standing in the doorway of her small room just as she did at this time every day, delivering the same message she delivered every day. In a moment Tessa would ask her to wait in the corridor, and Miranda would leave the room. Ten minutes later she’d return and say the same thing again. If Tessa didn’t come obediently after a few of these attempts, Miranda would seize her and drag her, kicking and screaming, down the stairs to the hot, stinking room where the Dark Sisters waited.(Ray Ban Sunglasses Rb4105)

What I think Sen. Klobuchar was going for was a line of questioning that would suggest, first of all, that he drank far more in high school and college than he has admitted, he said, “and that drinking is likely to have impaired his memory such that incidents like the ones that have been alleged could certainly have occurred.”(Gafas De Sol Ray Ban Aviator Hombre)

The Swirlster Picks team writes about stuff we think you’ll like. A fun way to add multiple colours to a single outfit, ombre shirts are also a piece of item that allows a lot of versatility. Not only in multiple colours, the style also comes with different prints and designs. The recent sighting of an ombre shirt was when Ananya Pandey wore it last evening. Wearing a checkered printed shirt with an ombre mix of red, blue and yellow, Ananya was a lesson in how to keep it casual and stylish. She paired the shirt with shorts and white shoes. Quite a lot of casual evening wear style goals there.(Ray Ban 003 3f)