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Yeah, but it’s all in retrospect. It never feels like it at the moment. These are stories we tell ourselves to make sense of our lives afterward, to put it in some context and actually it’s not the way things really were at the time. It’s funny. It’s why I think, unless they’re diaries, no autobiography can really sum anybody up.(Ray Ban 3136 Caravan Sunglasses)

Talk to your doctor about the risks, benefits, and what’s OK for you.The steam that rises from a hot bowl of soup or a cup of tea moisturizes your skin and nasal passages. It can even help loosen up mucus deeper in your nose so that you can more easily blow it out later, Schachter says. (Ray Ban Junior Wayfarer Measurements)

BEIJING China accused the United States of flouting its sovereignty Tuesday after an American warship sailed near islands claimed by Beijing in the disputed South China Sea, further rattling relations between the countries after weeks of escalating military tensions. Navy ship Sunday, compelling it to switch direction in what American officials called an “unsafe and unprofessional” clash.(Ray Ban Rb5187 2000)

Kavanaugh also minimized high school yearbook references to drinking, such as being listed as the “treasurer” of the Keg City Club, a line about “100 Kegs or Bust” (supposedly a senior goal was to empty 100 kegs of beer) and that he was the “biggest contributor” to the Beach Week Ralph Club. He acknowledged that “Ralph” was code for vomiting but said, “I’m known to have a weak stomach.”(Ray Ban 2132 White)

I read Laura article first about treating TBI in the military theater. While I appreciate your considering Elizabeth incident compared to what you deal with daily, one doesn have to pass out in order to have a TBI. I fell during an ice storm feet out from under me, fell on my back, hit my head on an 8 concrete curb and I didn pass out, but every synapse in my body exploded. Aftermath blurry vision in one eye due to optic nerve damage, blanks in recalling words or names, reduced stamina, and more. I defy anyone to tell me I didn have a traumatic brain injury.(Ray Ban Vintage Oval Sunglasses)

A rash of raised dots that turns into painful blisters, shingles causes your skin to burn, itch, tingle, or become very sensitive. Shingles often shows up on your trunk and buttocks, but can appear anywhere. An outbreak lasts about two weeks. You’ll recover, but pain, numbness, and itching might linger for months, years, or even the rest of your life.(Ray Ban Wayfarer Outsiders Oversized)