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Setting the highest standards for both himself and the Boxer Wachler Vision Institute, Boxer Wachler was awarded the industry’s coveted Apex Plus Society award for excellence in performing over 1,000 laser vision procedures in a single year. Because of his expertise, he is routinely invited to lecture on the latest advances in vision correction procedures, keratoconus treatments, and patient care at conferences worldwide. Doctors from all over the world visit Boxer Wachler to learn his expert surgical and patient care techniques. The most difficult and challenging refractive surgery cases from the community are regularly referred to him.(Kim Jong Il Ray Ban)

The changes were intended to update the frames’ style during a period of unpopularity and to make them easier to wear (the frames’ previous tilt made them impossible to perch on top of one’s head, for instance). (As of 2007, Wayfarers were available in Original Wayfarer, New Wayfarer, and Wayfarer Folding styles.) Ray Ban’s marketing strategy was threefold: a return to the sunglasses’ original, rebellious design, an “edgy” advertising campaign and “high profile PR events”, and the use of new media like MySpace to connect with consumers. (Ray Ban Red Mirror Polarized)

We intend to advocate for a minimum wage increase that will have a profound impact on the lives of tens of millions of people and families across this country.[Thousands of Amazon workers receive food stamps. Now Bernie Sanders wants the company to pay up.]The Obama administration had called for raising the minimum wage to $10.10, but the proposal went nowhere during an era of divided government. (Ray Ban Hexagonal Preto Com Prata)

The incident first came to light in February when TMZ Sports published video footage from a security camera showing Rice dragging an unconscious Palmer out of the elevator at an Atlantic City hotel. Rice was charged with felony aggravated assault, but participated in a pretrial diversion program that meant he could avoid jail time.(Ray Ban Sunglasses Photos)

Like their 1984 counterparts, the new Ghostbusters Wiig no nonsense yet vaguely daffy physics whiz Erin, Melissa McCarthy screwball scientist Abby, Kate McKinnon deadpan gearhead Jillian and Leslie Jones fervent Manhattan history nut Patty all classic New York City eccentrics who need to find their place in world of nonbelievers. (Their dimwitted but hunky receptionist, Chris Hemsworth Kevin, helps out too, but mostly he just ridiculously enjoyable eye candy, a form of gentle revenge for years of stereotypical sexy secretaries.) When Erin, Abby and Jillian spot their first real ghost nutso turn of the century murderess, now a listless, translucent jellyfish of doom jump and squeal with delight, a spontaneously girly reaction for which they make no apologies.(Ray Ban 8301 Lenses)