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AMD’s made ultra low budget affordable rigs viable again with the Ryzen platform which I am a huge supporter of, and one of my own rigs has an R7 in it. So the R5 is currently one of the best CPUs you can buy in the $200 range and it can hold its’ own with Intel’s i5. Unfortunately budget restraints and GPU price spikes prohibit me from adding nice extras like an SSD or 16GB of RAM. But for low budget gaming this is one of the best configurations you can possibly go with. Currently the GTX 1060 is the best GPU in this price range to go with. And the name is an ode to one of my favorite albums of the last couple of years, the Arctic Monkeys album “AM”.(Ray Ban 4715)

A range of cultures, dance styles and feminine body types will be celebrated as the Canberra underground bellydance community comes out to play on the 16th and 17th of February. Performance art enthusiasts, dance lovers and people looking for a fun and different way to spend a Friday evening or Saturday afternoon can look forward to this weekend.(Ray Ban 4171 Erika 4171 Tortoise 710 T5 Polarised)

If you are looking to buy a Canon digital camera, check out the variety offered right here at Rediff Shopping. We stock a wide range of models to suit all types of photography and budgets. However, before you decide on which Canon DSLR camera you want, learn a little more about the different types of DSLR and what they mean for photography.(Ray Ban Aviator Frameless)

Then he’ll give her a patch to wear over her strong eye. At first, she’ll have a hard time seeing with just the weak eye. But it’s important that she wear the patch. Her vision will get better, though it might take weeks or months for that to happen. Follow the doctor’s instructions carefully and bring your child in for scheduled visits so the doctor can see how the treatment is working.(Ray Ban 2132 New Wayfarer 622 17)

Boy Brow is a pomade like cream gel formula that shapes and fills in brows without feeling too heavy. When used to brush brow hairs up, it masks hairless areas, amps up color, and keeps the look in place long enough for someone like Beyonc to look great from all the way from event to after party. According to Glossier’s Twitter, he also tried out a brand new product on Queen Bey, and fans are both freaking out that they use the same products as Beyoncand desperately trying to guess what the new release might be.(Old Ray Ban Clubmaster)