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They’ll never need to clap there!”Another user said: “I have severe anxiety and major depression NO CLAPPING SHOULD NOT BE BANNED!!! How ridiculous, what next ban children from laughing? You’re just catering to the illness instead of helping people to get over it.”Others asked if it was an early April Fools Day and another said: “What hope has anyone got if the sound of clapping sets them off? Our generation is a shambles.”Amazing story of the boy born with no brain and the miracle moment he first said ‘Mum’In April 2017, the University of Durham proposed a motion which said all clapping should be banned from future NUS events.The “access needs of disabled students are disregarded/overlooked in terms of conference member behaviour and NUS structures”, it said, and called for “reduced cheering or unnecessary loud noises on conference floor, including whooping and clapping.”In a statement to the Telegraph , a spokesman for the NUS said they don’t “actively stop our members from clapping, they choose to be respectful and enable other people to get involved.”. (Ray Ban Store Tysons)

Other books were more troublesome what to make of Pride and Prejudice, which almost everyone ends up reading in high school English class? While our commenters certainly love it (and so do we!) our judges felt that Pride and Prejudice is just not a book teens are lining up to read. Pride and Prejudice, in the end, is universal. It’s for all ages. On the other hand, there are a lot of books beloved by teens that weren’t originally meant for them, like Lord of the Rings and Catcher in the Rye. Those made the list, along with books like Dune and The Last Unicorn that have become rites of passage for teen readers.(Ray Ban Aviator Pre?O)