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Said to my producer worry, I do it I picked up the phone and said hello. I heard is Sam Cavanagh there? And I was like is that you? and he goes is that you? What are you doing taking your own calls? And I was like are you doing making your own calls? Lee said. first thing he said was Horgs? So that pretty good. He remembered. Picture: AAP Image/Josh WoningSource:News Corp Australia(Ray Ban Amber Sunglasses)

The medieval mathematicians of Oxford, toiling in torchlight in a land ravaged by plague, managed to invent a simple form of calculus that could be used to track the motion of heavenly bodies. But now a scholar studying ancient clay tablets suggests that the Babylonians got there first, and by at least 1,400 years.(Ray Ban Sunglasses Double Bridge)

Blood work and a chest X ray are usually not helpful in diagnosing costochondritis. However, after sternum surgery, or for people at risk for heart disease, doctors will be more likely to do tests if you have chest pain and possible costochondritis to be certain you do not have any infection or other serious medical problems. To determine if infection is the cause of chest pain, doctors will:(Ray Ban 4205l)

Though with his shift to , it interesting to note that Jim Keller has completed a de facto grand tour of the high performance consumer CPU world. In the last decade he worked for Apple, AMD, and now , who are the three firms making the kind of modern ultra wide high IPC CPU cores that we see topping our performance charts. Suffice it to say, there are very high profile engineers of this caliber that these kind of companies will so openly court and/or attempt to pull away from the competition.(Rbk Day Com)

Another test that measures the effectiveness of treatment is a “glycosylated hemoglobin” test. It measures the glucose that has become attached to hemoglobin, the molecule in red blood cells that gives blood its red color. Over time, hemoglobin absorbs glucose, according to its concentration in blood. Once glucose is absorbed by hemoglobin it remains there until the blood cells die and new ones replace them.(Ray Ban Rb2447v)

National Ros Day: Yes, national drink “holidays” are silly marketing stunts. No, you shouldn’t really need an excuse to enjoy a glass of chilled pink wine in the summer. game against the San Francisco Giants, includes a ticket, a can of Sofia Ros, a pair of “ros colored sunglasses” and access to a pop up “Ros Garden” selling ros and fros by the glass.(Ray Ban Eyeglasses Rx5248)