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It happens. It a terrible injustice to the guys who find themselves in the terribly unjust spot of having to prove their innocence for a crime they did not commit. But it happens, just the same.What happens more, of course and only the completely unaware or outright misogynists of the world would refute is that real female victims of sexual harassment, sexual abuse and sexual attack often dismiss, ignore, deny, downplay, disregard and yes, in cases of high trauma, in cases that bring post traumatic stress disorder horrors, even forget, in whole or part, details of the instances of harassments, abuses, and attacks.Case in point: While I known two in my own circle to falsely claim a sexual attack that never happened, I known easily 100 or more who actually suffered sexual harassment, abuse, even rape, and who bit their tongues on telling.Women in the military, for instance, often go along to get along with their harassers because they fear they have no voice.Women in the civilian workplace frequently turn blind eyes to the leers or deaf ears to the suggestive comments because they don want to stir the pot, damage their careers, stunt their chances for advancement.That all happens, too.No matter how you slice it, it ungodly. (Ray Ban Rx6370)

It was the day that kept getting worse. The weekend from hell. Like many of you, C VILLE Weekly is still processing Saturday’s violation from ill intentioned visitors with antiquated notions who now believe it’s okay to say in broad daylight what they’ve only uttered in the nether regions of the internet.(Ray Ban Rb2027 W1847 Black Sunglasses)

1 most competitive Senate race in the country and most likely to flip parties. In her most recent rankings, Amber ranked the Missouri Senate race third.McCaskill appears to have benefited from her opponent’s involvement in a federal lawsuit brought by 20 states aimed at having the Affordable Care Act ruled unconstitutional. (Ray Ban Square 1971 Prescription Glasses)

Those of us who were paying attention noted the media disregard for accuracy several times over the past several decades. After the Irag invasion I actually argued with a journalist on the MPR about the difference between and the journalist was trying to maintain that lack of bias IS the same thing as accuracy. It no wonder journalist had so much difficulty recognizing lies and reporting them. For decades journalist were actually trained to promote style over substance as if style produced substance. The irony of course is that for all their dedication to journalism has continually seen it own credibility decline over the decades. It seems that misinformation delivered in an package fails to inspire confidence. Who thunk?(Ray Ban Clubmaster Black Friday)