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Bring your family along and enjoy an exquisite variety of Christmas stalls selling everything from cookies, Christmas puddings and cakes, chutneys, linen, fashion accessories, makeup, Christmas baskets, and chocolate Christmas trees! There will even be three entire stalls dedicated to cat lovers, as well as a flower stall selling wreaths, and a vinyl stall for all you vinyl lovers.(Ray Ban Flash Mirror Lenses)

I wonder, did her attorneys or any of the Democrats warn her that another FBI investigation will allow others to examine the personal details of her life? Does she know that they will dig up her high school yearbook, or delve into her psychological state as a teen? Or that embarrassing events of her youth might be revealed? Is anyone who showered praise on Ms. (Ray Ban Semi Rimless Prescription Glasses)

Mixing with the beau monde aboard a cruise ship, for instance, meant adhering to a strict dress code which demanded changes in attire according to both time of day and sense of occasion. Which is why the steamer trunk became so fashionable. This occured after 19th Century French carpenter Louis Vuitton had the inspiration to replace the curved lid on the stagecoach trunk with a flat one. Voila! C’est modular! Believe it or not these behemoths of packing are still popular items. But just try hauling one up to an airport check in. They’ll be convinced it’s a Chaser stunt.(Ray Ban Mixte)

For many the main drawcard are the Big Five game reserves, where species co exist as they have for millennia in a primal wilderness that touches the soul, and South Africa still offers the best value safari you can have on the continent. Others, fascinated by the history of ancient man, come to find out more about some of our oldest hominid remains some four million years old in the Cradle of Humankind near Johannesburg. Road trippers are spoilt for choice with a relatively well maintained and signposted network that traverse vast, empty valleys and jaw dropping mountain passes, it’s a wonderful country to explore by car (and an additional boon that South Africans also drive on the left).(Large Frame Ray Ban Aviator)

The people of Mesopotamia what is now Iraq developed mathematics about 5,000 years ago. Among them were the Babylonians who wrote in cunieform script and, over time, adopted a sexagesimal (base 60) numbering system. Early mathematics was essentially a form of counting, and the things being counted were mostly sheep and the like.(Ray Ban Sunglasses Featuring Mickey Mouse)