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On 17 February, between 11 am and 2 pm, local bellydancers will take over the stage at the Multicultural Festival. In addition to this, Rachel Bond will be sharing workshops teaching some of her favourite dance styles inspired by travelling up and down the Nile river exploring the lands of the Saidi, Ghawazee and Nubian peoples, with a taste of each of their dance styles.(Ray Ban 4179 Price)

I consider myself extremely lucky that my injury was as mild as it was, but I still experienced a bunch of little symptoms that I never used to associate with concussion. During that first week, anything that jarred my head in one direction or another even nodding during a conversation or walking fast made it hurt more. Riding Atlanta subway for 20 minutes at a time made me nauseated (although some friends say that this is their normal experience).(Ray Ban Trendyol)

The big clue that we’ve learned over the years is that if you have to use a rescue inhaler often waking up more than two nights a month or having to use it more than two times a week you ought to be on something that gives you more protection, says Honsinger. “These drugs just help you for the moment they don’t keep the increased mucus away or the scarring of the lung away. For that you need something that gives you better protection and longer action that decreases the inflammation of the lung, like an inhaled corticosteroid or a leukotriene inhibitor.”(Ray Ban Justin Rubber Light Havana)

After each intervention, the women were given verbal and computer based tests to gauge their mood and their performance on certain cognitive tasks. Neither the caffeine nor the exercise caused large improvements in attention or memory. But the women did exhibit a small increase in motivation levels after walking the stairs, compared to a decrease after having caffeine or placebo pills. O’Connor, a professor in UGA’s department of kinesiology, says the women also felt slightly more energetic after hitting the stairs. “It was a temporary feeling, felt immediately after the exercise,” he said in a press release. They point out that feelings of fatigue were not significantly improved after either intervention, and say that longer bouts of exercise may be required to produce lasting effects. They also note that taking walking breaks outdoors, or with other people, may provide further mood enhancing benefits. They say more studies are needed to determine the specific benefits of stair walking although previous research has shown that spending just 10 minutes on the stairs, three times a week, can have real cardiovascular benefits.(Ray Ban Round Brown Gradient)