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It’s never occurred to me, ever, since I became a professional actor at 19 years old, to not be as honest and truthful as I could be, publicly. Before social media and the Internet really existed, it was a lot more difficult to get across who you really were. So for me, the advent of Twitter, then Instagram and Stories was incredibly freeing, because I felt like I had a direct line to expressing exactly who I feel I am and the things that I struggle with.(Ray Ban 8667)

The S class is Mercedes’ biggest saloon, providing lots of passenger space, both up front and in the back. However, we’d still recommend you consider the slightly stretched L version if you usually let a chauffeur do the driving for you; the L offers even more rear legroom and the option of two individual reclining rear seats in place of the standard three person seat.(Ray Ban Sunglasses 2017 Mens)

We had a problem on Tim season because he fell madly in love with Anna quite quickly. do you want to go on a date with? and who next? He had to work with us a little bit. You want to get on to the next series, so it at your own peril if you make a move.(Ray Ban Rb3522 Lenses)

At about 8 PM on September 8th, 59 year old Tracy A Gjernes was crossing the street in the 9700 block of 19th SE near the Skate Deck when she was struck by what witnesses told Everett Police was a red vehicle. She died at the scene and the vehicle fled.(Ray Ban G15 Green)

But as cataracts grow, they can cause more symptoms. You could have dim, blurred, or yellow vision. You may also have double vision when you look at things through the eye with the cataract. These problems can make it hard to read, work on a computer, and do anything else that calls for clear eyesight.(Ray Ban Lenses Bubbling)

Turning point: Late in the first quarter, the Buffs trailed 14 7, but had just picked off an ASU pass. The offense couldn’t capitalize, though, and punted. ASU blocked the punt and got the ball at the CU 11. Four plays later, the Sun Devils kicked a field goal, took a 17 7 lead and never looked back. It was another in a long line of Pac 12 blowout losses, and it extended CU’s conference losing streak to 13 games.(Ray Ban 4188 601 71)