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Cristiano Ronaldo’s motivation for securing Juventus move from Real Madrid revealed with three key reasonsThe Portuguese departed this summer without a farewell to the club he dominated for over nine seasonsCristiano Ronaldo ‘rejected three clubs’ to ensure summer transfer from Real Madrid to Juventus”I said I did not want risks,” El Mundo report Ronaldo said to agent Jorge Mendes after being charged in 2017.Moreover, Ronaldo was fuming with Real Madrid concerning his salary, and craved a contract renewal at the club he built a case to be the greatest of all time.Given the payments to the Treasury, Ronaldo felt Real should oblige with a new deal, something he believed Barcelona did for Lionel Messi.The lack of a forthcoming offer was considered as a ‘betrayal’ from Ronaldo, who was also unhappy at falling behind both Messi and Neymar, once he joined Paris Saint Germain, as the top earners in world football.”It is a lack of respect that I, the Ballon d’Or winner, earn less than Messi and Neymar. It’s status, respect,” Ronaldo is reported to have explained.Cristiano Ronaldo has controversial new chant from Real Madrid fans and it says a lot about the Juventus forwardCristiano Ronaldo on Jose Mourinho, Zinedine Zidane and Sir Alex Ferguson reveals how the trio of bosses compareAnd one final motivation to accept the lure of the Old Lady and seek a new adventure in black and white, was Real’s unwillingness to declare him their greatest player of all time.Never were they willing to place Ronaldo over and above Alfredo Di Stefano, which Ronaldo simply could not understand, given his numbers and resume at the club.(Ww Rb)

HVAC: too many buttons in a row, mounted too low?The 15 climate control buttons (photo above) are mounted low in the center stack. They small and so are the fonts. I found them too complex at night. Twelve buttons are lined up in two rows of six soldiers each. Above that, the fan and two temperature controls are rocker switches; they might be better as medium size knobs. For the dozen small buttons, you press where the text or icon is located. For the three rockers, you press the shiny stripsbelowthe text. (But for the transmission, similar chromed horizontal strips are dividers between the buttons you push.) While they big, the MKC knurled chrome look volume and tuning buttons are slippery. They benefit from a rubbery coating. Several German cars do it, along with GM cars using the mainstream MyLinkinfotainment system.(Ray Ban Aviator 3026 Price In India)